Univex auto slicer

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Weird I know, at an estate sale I complusively bought a Univex 7012 auto slicer....
So now that I've got it what does it do? I envision paper thin red onions for salads, crostini from bagettes, slicing my own deli meats for who knows what since I've not really wanted that biz, cole slaw.....What do you use your auto slicer for?
Oh yeah, is there anything special I need to know about it? :)
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How lucky you are! I've been looking for one of those! I use it for slicing breads, vegetables for lining terrines, obviously for meats and deli, it's great for when you are dehydrating fruits/veg (ie: decorative chips) because it gives you paper-thin, even slices.

Not sure which model you got: is that the industrial one with the belt or just a deli model?

If you're not getting enough use out of it, feel free to send it my way! ;)
Joined Aug 11, 2000
Cool so it's just like using a mandoline only no sliced nuckles....I'm not seeing a belt, but it's pretty big/heavy duty. I've not played with it yet but it came with the instruction sheets that are pretty crumbly. Looks new but I bet it's
several years old....several. The man who owned it had a catering biz and several Dairy Queens in town, his kids want NOTHING to do with any of the remaining equipment. I was not in the market, and was really looking for old canning jars.....I ended up with a China Cap for $5, a 100 cup coffee brewer (new in the box) $8 and the slicer.

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