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  1. Hello,

    I'll be moving from Australia to Seattle and I want to know if I'm generally expected to have my own whites, and if so, what style is common in the area?  Short/Long sleeve, buttons, type of head covering, etc,.  I'm currently a prep cook and managing steward at a catering company, so I don't expect that I'll be on the line in a high end place (if that has any bearing on the type of gear I'll need).  Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Justin and welcome! There really is not much standardization in the biz much any more  since the advent of  TV  chefs and shows. I would bring what you already have and then see if you need to change outfits depending upon where you land. Seattle has some great food but remember to pack your vitamin D supplement as the days with sunshine are very limited and a lot of people who live here in the Northwest can become deficient in it.

    Good luck with the move.............................
  3. Cool, thanks for the advice.  I don't get any sun anyways, so I guess the vitamin D good is a good idea anyways :)

    Thanks again