Unflavored Gelatin

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only if your talking jell-o brand. I have seen a variety of sizes in pro kitchens.
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That's slightly misleading, Gunnar. There are at least a half-dozen brands, all of which, on the consumer level, are the same size.

By the same token, loose gelatin powder is much more difficult to find, nowadays.

All of which is why most current recipes say X envelopes rather than X teaspoons.

Professional kitchens are more likely to use sheet gelatin, rather than powdered, anyway.
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My store carries Knox gelatin.  Each box has four packets, and each packet (or envelope) has 7 grams of gelatin; enough to make 2 cups of gel.  I believe 7 grams is equal to about 1 3/4 teaspoons.
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 Jell-0 brand only makes flavored gels  Knox as someone stated is the most popular clear gel and it is packed as stated above . The other gel you may want to try is Danish Sheet Gel which is also good. One sheet is about same as one envelope of knox.brand.
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I use sheets for barvarians and softer products.....knox gelatin for marshmallows particularly.

It takes a whole lotta sheets to make a small portion of knox.
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 Different size sheets. I have seen them about 2 inch wide and 8 inches wide packed like  loose leaf paper.

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