Unable to get past things you once believed but know aren't true.

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I've had several experiences over the years that even though I now know are impossible (or simply untrue), I can't shake them.

The easiest one to admit to, especially in a food forum (since the others are sanity-questioning) is "if you drink cooking oil, you will die".  It was told to me by another kid, that even a teaspoon "straight" would kill you.  You could ingest a whole bottle of it if it was soaked up in fries or mixed with something (dressing), but it simply couldn't be consumed by itself.  Watching people "drink" olive oil, this is CLEARLY untrue and has no basis in either reality or science.  However, I still have an issue sticking my finger in oil and tasting it.  It's like my brain engaged a logic blocker. 

I also mentioned in another post eating brains and eggs until I realized it was really brains.  The "gross out" factor is usually pretty low with me.  I've eaten fried grasshoppers, escargot, but squirm at animal casings on sausage.  I've eaten my share of pork rinds and while not my favorite at any time, I have managed to put them out of my scope of foods to try.  I convinced myself that fried skin is both greasy and unhealthy (unlike a fried potato which has no grease and is a sacred heath food /img/vbsmilies/smilies//smile.gif ), so I have managed to make it a choice of healthy eating -- but I do NOT eat healthy.

Anyone else have any oddball aversions that hold no basis in reality but can't be shaken?
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My aversions have nothing to do with food.  I almost wish I had some sort of food aversion.

I have what I call a mini-phobia of a few things: 1) fake hair, 2) anything taxidermic and 3) fake birds.

I have no basis that I can recall to be...'afraid' of these things.  I hestitate to say I'm 'afraid' of them because if I had to touch one/look at one I could if I had to.

However, seeing fake birds (i.e. the fake crows at halloween, the stupid little cardinals Coldwater Creek puts on their holiday shopping bags, etc.) elicits a physiological response.  My hands begin to perspire and I become nauseated.  The same goes for taxidermic things and fake hair (not as much to see fake hair as to touch it).

I'm weird like that.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies//wink.gif
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Ok I have one.  I cannot I mean REALLY cannot use salt in cooking without tossing some over my left shoulder.  Geez my floor is a mess.  It's one OCD thing I'll openly admit to.  No idea why but it's stuck with me for years.  Apparently, it is bad luck not to do it.  Oh, plus not walking under ladders, although that makes more sense.

At least the floor gets swept often.  I go barefoot most of the time so it gets pretty annoying underfoot..  I try to aim for the sink now,
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