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    Many small businesses have been opening up around downtown Waukegan, they have been working with each other to promote and bring business to one another, they seem to be doing very well, hence all the events that have been going on and all the people.

    At my work I have been doing many “Event Tastings”, its basically a way of showing off signature dishes and to promote our restaurant. We served 500 people our “Tuna pork salad and Summer Rolls”. BIG HITS OFCOURSE! well this brings me to why I am really rambling on about all this, I wanna do my own tasting of my culinary skills and all the knowledge i know of the Culinary WORLD. Which is very huge BTW. I wanna express mainly Umami which one of the five basic tastes, together with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. It is SAVORY. Im currently creating a 20 item app menu 5 items for each season, consisting of mainly umami items.

    Current progress 5% done lol. if i get anything out of making this menu it will just be a better understanding of Umami and opening up my artistic side.

    Imma tell you my 5% right now. I dont have a name for this appetizer yet but it consist of-

    Sweetened Toasted Naan, Umami Infused Avocado puree, marinated smoked Celery, marinated cold smoked salmon, pickled red radish and red onion.

    the sweetened toasted naan will be 1” in diameter and 2” long, the avocado puree will be lightly spread on top, small slices of smoked celery covering the avocado puree, about 2oz of salmon will be cut extremely thin and curled on top and for garnish the pickled radish and onion. probably be able to eat it within a couple bites or three lol I eat fast.

    Imma try and just add things to my memo on my phone whenever something pops up or inspires me. this is not gonna be a right away project but a slowly by surely, i wanna put attention to detail on everything and make sure all ingredients are matched perfectly and cooking methods are second to none. 5 star! do not just think outside the box…but expand the box and turn it into a Never Ending Circle.

    Signing out-Chef Allen Garcia
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    good luck Allen
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    Umami is MUCH more than just savory.  Its just as much about mouth feel as it is about flavor and that mouth watering effect it induces.