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So my bosses have been worried lately that I've been pulling too much overtime (around an extra 5-8hours in OT pay per week).  Well I'll be cutting back by a lot after this...

um yeah, that big gap isn't suppose to be there and my rear storage is gone.  For those who don't know what Toronto is like; I was going up Christie, theres a slight incline against me heading north so I go full throttle to keep up and I move as far right as possible for cars through.  The street limit is 40kmph (thats shy of 25mph) max and thats my bike's max speed, I know drivers will be going faster.  Its usually 2 lanes for the exception of a few areas but the 2nd lane is typically has parked cars as its mostly residential with high traffic.  I gave my left side mirror a quick peep and as I peered up, I was less then 10ft from an open car door.  Next thing I knew, I was on the ground still in my bike on, fallen to my right side.  I didn't really realize the extent of the damage to my bike till someone put it up (it had to be left there for a while for police to investigate so traffic passing by wasn't all that kind to me other then a few cyclists and pedestrians making sure I was ok, plus the guy whose car door I totaled since he was very quick to call it in). 

Paramedics, fire, and police all responded...after like 20mins but it wasn't life threatening so I guess the wait was justifiable.  Medics checked me out, minor abrasion to my right lower leg with no bleeding.  I didn't feel any of it till a few hours later when I got home, damn my ankles and foot were killing me, I had a hard time trying to get up and walk.  Hopefully I won't be too long out of work, I've already missed 3 days.  I'm still waiting on this thing to be picked up by the dealer for a damage assessment, gotta see my doctor with his assessment on me (I feel well enough to try to take public transit to see him), all while I need to renew my health card that expires in about a month and had to cancel my highway exam for my full driving license which happened within the 48hr limit so I'm out of money on that too. 

*sigh* ain't life grand.
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I have a personal rule that I don't drive anything that weighs less than I do. I've seen some pretty nasty wrecks on those things. Glad to see you're (relatively) unharmed.
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and why was this guys car door open into traffic? He just get out? blindly open it without checking for traffic? Dam close call man, that's the kind of thing that could have seriously put you out of commision. Get well soon.
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Ouch indeed!  Hope you're recovering well.

Re the money on your full driving exam flying out the window - wouldn't it be possible to allow you to take it if you can get a doctor's certificate/ letter and present it to them as to why you couldn't go?  And then get it postponed so that when you are physically able you could go and not have to double up on the payment?  It wouldn't hurt to make a call and ask.  As I always say, If you don't ask, you don't get.

Do the police also have a record of the accident that you have or can get a copy of to back up your doctor's report as a backup?  I'd give it a go..  You shouldn't have to fork out the miney twice for something that was caused by some twit who caused the accident.  Plus the fact that you are losing money from not being able to work.  I'd be taking the car door person to small claims court, or whatever you can do in your jurisdiction.

Good Luck with it all.

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