UK dishwasher detergent recommendations please.

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I've now realised this forum seems to be US based but now I've signed up, I'll ask anyway.

I just wondered what people find is the 'best' dishwasher detergent !

I'm just using the stuff (own branded of catering supplier) that came with the machine at the moment and have tried doubling the dose which has helped & now most stuff comes out clean.

I generally don't clean stuff before putting it in the machine but obviously remove solids that'd only collect in the filter.

Main issues are surprisingly tea stains in cups (& T spoons) and something in rice (possibly starch?) which seems to wipe off easy enough before going back through the machine but clearly this chemical doesn't cope well with it !

Some things that go in the machine have aluminium parts - so an alu-friendly detergent would be preferred.


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