Uber food, skip the dishes etc best practices

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We are trying to decide whether to fully implement an aggressive approach to meeting the (up (inconsistent) demand for these programs. Right now we have the order processing and packaging delegated to our expos and our pantry guys but have to turn them off on weekends and other busier times because we just cant handle it without error. Has anyone else teetered on this decision? Any creative best practices for implementing these into your operations without a designated handler at all times??


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To me it sounds like they're concerned about quality control whenn Uber's the deliverer. Someone they have no or not much control over for handling the food properly and the giving the proper customer experience.
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Why not contact Uber and discuss your concerns with them?
If they are interested in partnering with you then they could pass the info over to the drivers who in turn would attend an in service taught by you.
On super busy days in labor and delivery we wouldn't have eaten if not for delivery (we nicknamed them the taco taxi guys lol) and don't recall a bad experience.

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I am assuming you are talking about Uber Eats as well as other delivery platforms. At the restaurant I work at we currently run Doordash and Grubhub. There is no way to make sure food doesn't slide around or "get messy" in the take-out box. These people are not employees. They are independent contractors. Meaning, if they want to eat the food, put something in it or just not deliver it - then they have that opportunity without reprimand. These companies also charge a commission rate on each order you complete through the app. It is beneficial for getting the business name out there, and to receive a bit more money for the month. Assuming you are not that busy on most days.
Most of the time the drivers are focused on good customer service and making sure the customer gets their food on time. They just want to move on to the next delivery. I would give it a test for a month, and if you like it - great! If not, contact the rep and they will remove the app and take your business name off of the delivery site.

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