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It's finals week for my school and I'm trying to post a thread or two that gives a view of typical school goals/projects/etc as that kind of thing always interested me from the outside:

Tomorrow is our Latin Cuisine practical and I just wanted to share our practical. The menu will change from quarter to quarter, this one is pretty easy-going. The final for my American Regional Cuisine class last quarter was twice the workload for example.

Will be done in pairs (or solo if you want to). We have 2 hours of cooking time. At the end of that time we have plated 4 individual servings x2 of our menu:

Tomato & Chayote Salad

Cheese & Tomato Tamales

Beef & Potato Empanadas

Rice w/Vegetables (Arroz Blanco)

Corn Tortillas x2 per serving


Mexican Hot Chocolate

Nothing revolutionary, but as you can see it covers a decent range of latin techniques & equipment from the press & komal for the tortillas, to the molcajete for various salsas/etc we'll do with those, to the molinillo for the hot chocolate, etc. 

It's also 16 plates of food in 2 hours, with lots of hand labor (4 different masas, 4 different items shaped, molinilloing the chocolate, etc). We won't be plating our Latin cuisine in a French style, but we will be expected to get our portions right and produce appropriate garnishes and presentations.

On top of this we'll be turning in a final paper on the Carribean (we've done one for Mexico and one for South America), and turning in our journals which track/detail all of our previous menus from the quarter (around 10 items per week) with recipies, photos, evaluations, notes, etc.

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