Two slightly different pressure cookers

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I have two slightly different pressure cookers and one does not seem to perform as good as the other.
Pressure cooker A is the standard old cooker with a 5, 10, 15 psi weight on top and pulses steam out at the pressure and resets.
Pressure cooker B is a newer cooker and does not have pop weight but a button that rises and has rings to show the pressure.

I find the A pressure cooker works better than the B cooker and wondering why is interesting because I tried to understand the difference and below is what I came up with. The question is would these differences make a difference in cooking? Assume both pressure cookers are at the same set pressure.

· When the A pressure cooker pops stream is released and pressure drops slightly. This drop in pressure slightly drops the pressure in the pot/food for a fraction of a second with a parallel slightly larger boil off. As the pressure builds back to the set pressure the boiling is decreased slightly until the set pressure is reached and the cycle is repeated. This pressure pulsing will make the molecules in the food slightly shift from one location in the food to another and back close to the original location as the cycle repeats. Could this shifting of molecules actually perform a second function in the pressure cooker of tenderizing the meat? And of course the first function of the pressure cooker of higher temperature is the published function of a pressure cooker.
· For pressure cooker B there is no popping action and the second function mentioned above is not present.

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