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I am organizing the food for a 425 guest wedding.  I have done several meals of this size in the past, but never with two meat options.

This will be a buffet style meal with a server at each dish.  Salad, two meats (beef and sliced chicken breast), 3 vegetables.  The bride and groom are both in their early twenties.

How would you calculate the amount of each meat to purchase?

Thanks in advance!
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There are other threads on this topic but this was my stand out favorite.

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I've done hundreds of staffed-station buffets with both steak and chicken offered. 

My rule on the proteins (and mind you this is VERY general--depends on a 

number of factors concerning the guests, time of day etc too) is 120% when serving 

a single protein choice, (to allow for seconds, surprise guests, etc).

And 115% when serving 2 choices. Now, that's 15% over for each, so 65% for each entree, 

rather than 50-50. This way if there's a big "run" on your yummy steaks, you'll have enough,

while you'll have lots of chicken to take home. Or vice versa.

People aren't an exact science. Hauling a guesstimated amount of food overage to the party

is an integral part of catering. The cardinal rule never, EVER run out of an entree. 

(not that I'm hereby stating I never, no, no, neither confirm nor deny. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif  )

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