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I just discovered  [product="13645"]Chefs Garden Fresh Produce From Small Spaces​[/product]   and thought I would share it with you. It's such a nice find for our cheftalk gardeners!
[product="13645"]Chefs Garden Fresh Produce From Small Spaces  [/product]
An in-depth guide to growing healthy foods at home includes ideas on growing fruits and vegetables in everything from a green house to a window box, and also contains twenty recipes, utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables.

In The Chef's Garden, Terence Conran combines his passion for quality cooking ingredients with his design flair to create productive kitchen gardens in difficult locations like tiny urban backyards or window ledges. The use of containers is explained in detail, with illustrations of garden designs drawn by Conran himself. This book explains how to grow over 100 of the best fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers suitable for containers, including rarities that cannot be found in supermarkets. There are twenty simple recipes, all devised by Conran to make the most of produce picked at the peak of freshness.

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Kimmie: The book sounds wondereful. I am going to stroll up to Indigo over lunch to check it out. ( My garden needs all the help it can get...)
Thanks for sharing.
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Hello Linda,

I'm glad someone around here found this thread. It's a really nice book. You may want to order it if it's not on the shelves.

Contains great variety of ideas depending of different settings people may have (urban vs suburb vs country). A little for everyone. The recipes are also a plus.

Happy gardening!

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