twice per week or once per week ?

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I'm finding it difficult to decide which part time culinary school to attend due to their differing schedules. I'd be attending part time nights. 6-10pm as I work full time.

One Campus works like this, twice per week, 1 hour theory 3 hours in kitchen.

Second Campus work like this, twice per week, 4 hours of solid theory one night, and 4 hours kitchen the second night per week.

Both schools are saying they can give me the same 300 hours, but I don't know how from that above scenario.

6 hrs per week in kitchen vs 4 hours per week.

What do you think is a better way to learn ? The 1 and 3 or the 4 and 4 ??? One night per week in the kitchen vs two nights in the kitchen ?

Thanks for reading.
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It sounds like the first campus is giving you more kitchen time. Culinary schools can have some crazy, non-traditional schedules. How long does each class run?

In school 1: 2 hrs theory per week and 6 hours of kitchen
In School 2: 4 hrs theory and 4 hrs of coursework does not add up to the same as #1 over the course of the week.

Did school 2 tell you it adds up to 300 hrs over time before or after you asked the question about it?
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each class runs from Feb - Nov/Dec twice per week.


yes school 2 told me it would add up to the same.

thanks for the advice.

earlier today I did decide on School 1 :)

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