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What would some suggestions be to assure light, fluffy yet moist twice baked potatoes ?  My recipe right now has some chives, Romano, sour cream, s&p, some granulated garlic and heavy cream.  Tasty and smooth but I would like to see more fluff.  Mainly so I can eat more.  To my stomach the lighter it is the more I can put down.


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Dump the granulated garlic and use the real thing. Cook it out in a little butter. Doesn't add fluff, but it will taste much better
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Use a ricer or a food mill to mash the potatoes, and don't overwork them when mixing in the other ingredients, or they'll become gluey & pasty. Also make sure you use the correct type of potatoes for the purpose. High starch, low moisture potatoes such as Russet work best for pureeing.
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I just added this to BDL's excellent mashed potato primer..

I thought I would share what I use to mix mashed potatoes.  A wooden handle dough whip, I got it for pizza dough, but I use it all the time for mashed potatoes.  Its great, and very fast, we prefer a slightly rustic texture, but you can whip potatoes to a pretty smooth texture too.  The shape allows you to work right in the pot you cooked the potatoes (water removed ../../img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif ), it will get down in the seam/corner.  I haven't tried it on really large batches but for 2-8 people it works fine.

Give it a try, $ 7 or 8 bucks and if you shop as low as $5.
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