Twice baked potatoes

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I plan on using leftover baked potatoes that were kept in the fridge. I plan on cutting the potatoes in half, scoop the inside of the potatoes. Take the scoops and mix it with some milk, butter, and cheese. Then place them back onto the potato skins and rebake them. I'm wondering what temperature and how long I should bake them.

Normally when I bake potatoes I bake them for 1 hour at 350º. I'm thinking of bake the leftovers for about 10 mins at 350º?
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it may take a little longer then ten minutes but not much. don't forget your sour cream and chives.
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Tip...when scooping out the "shells" leave a bit along the peel as these guys get pretty flimsy when hot. But very, very yummy. Try with sweet potatos...add butter, brown sugar, pumpkin spices and marshmallow (if you must). An alternative garnish for the SP's would be candied pecans, crushed, sprinkled on just before service.
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I think about 15 min would do it.

You can try doing it souffle style too. Separate a couple of eggs, use the yolks straight into the mash, then whisk the whites and gently fold into the mash. Sprinkle the top with paprika. Gives a nice light finish and great flavour from the yolks.

Lots of variations - like some fried, drained and crumbled crisp bacon; cooked peas and corn; sliced strips of metwurst/salami; drained and flaked tinned tuna/salmon; mayo and diced cooked shrimp; roasted red capsicum(bell peppers) and dried oregano...etc etc. Let your imagination run riot :)
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I like to put the potato skins back in the oven for about 10 min before refilling. It dries out some of the excess moisture and provides a nice bit crunch.

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