TV has a new "worst cooking show ever"

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Just my humble opinion Chef Buba. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif
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People, you need to lighten up for Christ sake. This isn't a gourmet cooking show, it's a light, funny, edgy show for the average Joe. 
It's more like the "jersey shore" of cooking shows.
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Bitchin' Kitchen is a sort of hybrid, that is, a cooking show set within a comedic environment.  I can't say I'm a fan, but the show isn't for me.  The comedy is immature, the recipes are mundane, and the advice is pitched well below my level.  But I'm not the target audience, and have no problem with the idea that a lot of other people enjoy and learn from it.  For the same reasons I don't like Alton Brown's Good Eats either.  Yet Alton is very popular among the same people who don't like Nadia G.

There are plenty of other Food/Cooking shows which hosts I don't like.  But plenty.  Way too many list.  The most objectionable thing I've seen lately in the Food/Cooking universe was when Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson cut Eric Lee, the best cook by far of all the "cheftestants," from this season's Food Network Star.

The Ramsay shows (on Fox), Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef, have only a tenuous connection to food.  There's not much tension or integrity either.  How far will the poor little blind but attractive girl go?  (Far.) Can you believe that she actually made ceviche? (Yes, it's not difficult.)  Ramsay is a great chef; but has no integrity whatsoever when it comes to judging his reality shows.  Whitney?!  The best cook in America??!!  Scotsman, please!  And speaking of Scots, where did Ramsay get that fake, pommy accent? Same place as Tony Blair?

Meanwhile... in Bravo's Around the World in Eighty Plates, the competitors do the elimination judging so the strongest cooks were at a distinct disadvantage if they happened to get stuck on a weak team.  In terms of very funny but unintentional humor, Cat Cora and Curtis Stone are shocked -- shocked do you hear me? -- and not so much angry as disappointed that each and every one of the contestants is more interested in winning the contests with "whatever works," and eliminating the strongest and/or most irritating competitors rather than producing the best possible plate or narrowing things down to the best chef.  Go figure.

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At the risk of possibly repeating myself, I use to be an avid food program viewer.

Mostly Food Network and The Cooking Channel but no longer. 

Bravo, Travel and the others, on a rare occasion I’ll DVR one show

just to see if it’s worth the time, but then if not, DELETE.  

If there’s a good, real instructional cooking program on PBS, then maybe. 

Just the other night my husband asked me

“why aren’t you watching any of your cooking shows?"

I’ve graduated, thank you Chef Talk!
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Ever since I saw Sandra Lee Cooking Show? and Tuchsman judging that was end of that channel for me. It exist strictly to generate $$$$$. I prefer watching reruns of Pepin,Child, Emeril.
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Bitchin Kitchen   - The Food Network  channel 262

 Nadia Giosia reminds me of those many student parties where that one person was SO desperate to be liked that they would car crash their funny routines without stopping all evening, putting up with the unkind jeers and comments from others for the sake of being noticed.

However, like watching a bad magician, you can simply walk away from it, but you dont. There is some sort of masochistic pleasure with watching the likes of Nadia G, as you pick apart her annoying manner, amateur recipes, affected foreign-ness. 

My guess is that many students would see her as a bit of a babe. As the Web O Vision crossover to network tv continues, then true time and talent will continue to be replaced by whatever draws a reaction. 

The fact that you cant hope but to have an opinion on Bitchin Kitchen is presumably enough now to sell advertising space in the commercials break, which, after all, is the bottom line if you want to fund a tv programme. 

Sorry was i being as cynical as Nadia ? If you watch her you will make her rich. But maybe she deserves that for the cojones she must have to believe in the whole thing. I am starting to worry about the Americans.  They really will positively promote anyone that has a go, no matter how s***  it is.


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The show is painful lets be honest. You know what I have been watching lately that is a real cooking show? Great Chefs? It is an old series from the 80's that you can watch on netflix or amazon prime and I think it is some of the best food tv around. Other shows I think set the bar are Julia Child, Jaques Pepin, America's test kitchen. Food network lost it's vision in my opinion and went the route of MTV.
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The show is painful lets be honest. You know what I have been watching lately that is a real cooking show? Great Chefs? It is an old series from the 80's that you can watch on netflix or amazon prime and I think it is some of the best food tv around.
Thanks for sharing that Nicko. I've looked through the Amazon prime videos for "Great Chefs" and found "Great Chefs from Austria", is that the one you're talking about? 
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... Food network lost it's vision in my opinion and went the route of MTV.
Also Cooking Channel, but then they never did get off on the right to begin with IMHO.

I was watching "Triple D" last night, quite mindlessly I might add, and it was just ... another sitcom/reality show to me.
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100% agree with Nicko. And yes even food channel is running out of ideas some of the new shows are the pits.


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Nicko, I love the "Great Chef" series they've done over the years.  I miss good cooking shows like that.
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Back around the turn of the century there was a cooking show named "Epicurious" and the producers would feature some established restaurant from somewhere in the world.   That's the cooking show I miss.
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Someone called and asked to me to watch Top Chef for kids.

I am all for teaching kids how to cook.

But most of those kids were standing on steps, barely making it over that burner and I was shocked to see that they had such large sharp knives, each one trying to chop faster than the next one......I held my breath.

 I closed the tv.
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I sorry to say that I disagree. I love Nadia's program. Very entertaining, and I love some of her recipes.

I do enjoy watching the many, many cooking shows. I enjoy watching different people cook.
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Never heard of this show before now... watched a preview on Youtube.... I think i need to wash my eyes and ears with bleach.... i have watched my fair share of cooking shows... but she is simply annoying...

and she says everything she is making is Italian or Italian inspired, but my in-laws (full blood Italians) would roll over in their graves if my wife ever cooked like this moron.
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I wanted to poke my eyes out with a rusty fork the first and only time I saw this show. Unwatchable.
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