Turning green in the roasting pan

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Sometimes when I roast in the oven with fresh lemon juice and garlic I find that bits of it go green as it cooks.  What is that all about???


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Is the roasting pan aluminum? I'd suspect a reaction between the metal, acid and sulfur in the garlic/onions
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Can't say I've seen that.  It could well be what Phil is saying.  Are you using any other herbs/spices, and is it a pan that you've used before at all?

Perhaps the pan needs a good scouring out if the pan's surface will allow it.  Not really sure, just voicing a few thoughts.  It obviously hasn't killed you if you've eaten what's been cooked in it :)
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Phatch hit it. The pan could have trace amounts of aluminum or other reactive metal. You have acid and sulphers at work here. If stainless steel, eggs will turn green. The ph factor in sulphur in egg does this, mixing in a bit of sour cream will stop it ( ADDING A FORM OF ACID TO COUNTERACT REACTION)
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It is a nonstick shallow roasting pan.  I know it has something to do with the lemon juice and garlic because this has happened before in roasting trays of all kind.  It seems to be the garlic that is turning green. 
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Garlic acts funny sometimes.
Garlic will also turn green when being reduced in white wine. It may have something to do with the acid. That would be my bet.

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