Turning around a production kitchen: Update

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Hey chefs,

I posted back in January asking advice on turning around a production kitchen. I got the job and followed the advice that I got from this forum and it helped quite a bit. I was dealing with a very unorganized and messy kitchen with apathetic employees (for the most part) and working with a superior that seemed to lack the knowledge and care required to successfully run the kitchen. I've learned quite a bit in the last two months and have turned things around a little bit, but it can be hard without the full support of the team. I usually follow the work hard and others will follow approach to leadership and it has worked well for me in the past and again at this position. Even still the kitchen has it's problems that are out of my control. BUT during this time I had an opportunity thrown my way for a job outside of the kitchen world. Normal hours, vacation days, holidays off, etc. and I feel like I would be crazy not to take it. So I am venturing outside the foodservice workforce for the first time and I can't help but be equal parts excited and nervous. I will definitely still lurk around these parts as I think being successful in this line of work gives you a lot of skills that can translate in so many other areas. A big thank you to everyone that sticks it out in this business! I am sure somewhere down the road I will find myself again in some sort of food related position but I look forward to learning in a new and different environment. Anyone else been in this kind of situation? How did it work out for you? Thanks guys and gals!
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Hi russtopher,

Thanks for the update!

Any chance to broaden your knowledge base and learn a different job is a good thing! IMHO

I went from private chef doing 5-6 course, Black tie dinners with synchronized service to working logistics at a Sea Port. Worked out real well because attention to detail is paramount in both jobs, evidently. I was offered a six figure logistics position as a result. I was stunned because I was a fine dining chef not a logistician. Not motivated by money though, so I appreciated but declined continuing in Logistics.

I have also quit higher paying jobs (Rest. night manager) to take a lower position (prep cook @ a Chinese Rest.) just so I could learn more. That was worth it too!

Good luck on your Journey!

We now return you to your life which is already in progress....
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