Turn a can of shell beans into a snack or side dish in a few minutes?

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Looking for ideas. I'm a fan of beans for sure, and I'm looking for ideas on making a tasty snack or side dish with a can of beans. Red, black, navy, garbanzo, and all others invited.
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For starters, virtually any bean can be used to make a version of hummus. That is to say, a bean spread or dip.

You can make bean cakes. I like making them on the small side, and snacking on them topped with salsa. A variation on this theme would be bean fritters.

Beans make great soups; perhaps the best choice this time of year.

The list goes on and on. Beans are among the most versatile veggies around. Maybe if you could focus-in a bit more on what you're looking for???
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I've got 20-30 favorite bean recipes. Most take more than a few minutes. I was looking for ones you can make in a minute or 5 that taste really good.

Bean dips, for sure. Leftover beans with leftover pasta, yeah! Bean salad with at-hand condiments right on!

How many ways can I turn a can of beans into something delicious in a short time?
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I have been on this major kick with beans. I make a garbanzo bean salad with red onion, cherry tomatoes, white wine vinegar, oregano, kalamata olives, feta cheese and black pepper.
I also take cannellini beans, blend them in a food processor with cumin, chili powder, little mustard powder and black pepper. Then stir in green onion. Simple and tasty.
Navy or kidney beans are a MUST in any soup I make.
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Rinse and dry garbazos. Toss with some chili powder or curry powder, seasoned appropriately, and roast at 375 for about 12-15 minutes, if memory serves me right. Pretend it is fancy bar food. Open a beer.
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All those sound good, thanks :^)

I like cooking, and I'll take the time to cook beans.

I'm thinking of this for someone who usually won't take the time to really cook, except sometimes a main dish. So, just rinsed beans with something easy added, served cold or warmed in the microwave, and served as a side dish, is what I'm after. In other words, super easy is the point.
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I normally hate the pre made stuff but, for the sake of someone who doesn't cook, I'll fold here. Boil in bag rice, canned red kidney beans, one sweet onion, one bell pepper, three ribs of celery, fat-back(unsalted if you can find it), and boxed chicken stock.

For ease, one can purchase pre diced onion and pepper.

Render the fat-back in your biggest saute pan and heat the rice per instructions. Also, get your stock hot in a separate pan.

Saute the onion, pepper, and celery(also diced) in the rendered fat until the onion is golden. Add the beans and rice to the pan and add chicken stock to about half way up the side of the pan and season with some cayenne, salt, and garlic powder. Lid and into the oven at 375 for 15.

Out of the oven and, TADA, Southern Red Beans and Rice. Add some allspice and cilantro and use black beans instead of kidney beans and, POOF, Puerto Rican Black Beans.

It takes about 20 all told, if you manage your time right, and is a great meal for people who want to eat good food but not have to cook it.
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cannolini beans with rosemary, lemon juice/zest, garlic, olive oil.....either whole or ground up.

quesadillas.....tortillas, bean goo, cheese.....pan fried, salsa on side.
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'southwestern succotash' w/black beans, corn, scallions, diced red/green peppers, some diced jalapeno if you like, and cilantro - dress w/oil, sherry vinegar, lime juice, cumin, mexican oregano, garlic dressing.
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curry channa (garbanzo beans)

tons of recipes

the easiest way is to get madras, jamaican or trinidad style curry powder, or blend your own curry powder, try african style or trinidad style.

also u can mess with garam masala

or get more advanced recipes for channa dishes from india, this is the quick homestyle west indian way, and it is hard to screw up.

for one 15 oz can of garbanzo beans try 3 garlic cloves and one sliced diced or pureed onion

one to three tablespoons of oil, gee or oil/butter blend

one to one and a half tablespoons of ground curry style spices of some kind.

the easiest way is like a tablespoon of a curry powder and then a teaspoon of garam masala, or a tablespoon of the powder and a teaspoon of either or both cumin and coriander,

it depends on what u like

cayenne or west indian hot sauce is a good addition

as is about one tablespoon of ketchup if u want, this is common in guyana and trinidad

fry the onions and garlic until soft and clear, add the spices on low heat and let cook, stirring for a minute, add the drained channa, reserving liquid, keep frying ofr two minutes, stirring

add the ketchup if u want add a dash of lemon juice if you want, pour in some of the liquid from the can

addm ore liquid if you want
bring to boil and simmer until the garbaonzo beans are very soft, at least 15 minutes

eat with curry aloo and roti or rice and some chutneys or pickles if you want

this is traditionally eaten with a deep fried indian bread, bhatoora or luchi or puri in india, puri or luchi in the west indies, but roti aND ALOO would be mroe common except for in trinidad where they eat it with bara, make a sandwich out of the fried bread and beans and call it a double. if making doubles, eat it with combos of the following: tamarind sauce, pepper suace, and cucumber yogurt raita or cillantro. a sauce/chutney

a doubles ready recipe for the channa would not have ketchup in it

by the way there are official recipes for indian style channa that are more complicated. there are also recipes for african, trinidad, guyanese, surinamese, and jamaican style curry powders online, as well as garam masalas. there are also plenty of west indian or south american recipes, like the indian ones that call for more complicated blends involving cumin and mustard seeds, chopped ginger, and intricate blends of different ground spices, tomato or tamarind pastes, mango powder, lemon juice, etc.

getting some madras curry powder and garam masala at the local mid east or indian market is not that bad of an idea when crunched for time

u could puree onions and garlic ahead of time and freeze it for all your curry needs..... same goes for ginger.

my favorite dishes are: indian channa and bhatoora, trinidadian doubles with the condiments, or west indian roti (prathatha or chapati) along with curry aloo.
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Thank you all, lots of great ideas here!

DCSunshine, a little meat/fat is ok. I'm wanting it to be more of a vegetable dish than anything.
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I'd be tempted to do a minestrone type dish using lots of shortcuts.

Drain a tin of 4 mix beans. Into pot with tin of tomato soup with tinful of water. Cup of frozen mixed diced veg. Heat up. Toss in a couple handfuls of macaroni. Cook till all is soft and soup thickens. S&P if needed.

Easy and simple.

Could even add a packet of dry chicken noodle soup mix/ french onion soup mix. Bit more flavour that way. It's a great recession dish :)
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I almost forgot. When you do this from fresh, use a less starchy rice. The boil in bag is partially cooked and, therefore, some of the starch has already cooked out and gone down the drain.
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I couldn't easily find cannolini beans here. I rinsed a can of mature lima beans ("butter beans"), squeezed a fresh half lemon on them, then in a little olive olive oil I cooked diced garlic and fresh rosemary from my garden, just long enough to soften the garlic. I mixed the garlic/oil/rosemary into the beans, and sprinkled on some black pepper, and let it sit a half hour. It was really tasty. Thank you, shroom :)

And I have more ideas here to try :peace: I sometimes take a while to get around to making something, but I surely don't forget.
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