Turkish delight/cornflour nightmare

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Hello everyone, really happy to join and hopefully receive some help. I did post this question on another forum, but I didn't get a reply. This seems like a larger group of experts, so fingers crossed.

First, I must say that I don't cook or bake. I'm not very clever with it. That's why I'm here. I do hope that I'm posting in the correct section.

My partner and I are having a go at Turkish delight. We have tried every available recipe online and YouTube. We CAN NOT get our cornflour to thicken once the hot sugar is added. We must have tried at least 10x now. We are going bonkers thinking of how it's possible to go so so wrong!

The cornflour will thicken on its own (water and some heat). We get the sugar to 240f (as per Turkish delight requirement), and then bring the two together. We have tried both thickening the cornflour first, then adding the sugar slowly; and also wisking it into the sugar (as a watery mix) and keeping the temperature high. Doesn't matter. Both ways turn out the same-thin, watery, yellow stuff.

There is nothing in the sugar except cream of tartar and water. Nothing in the cornflour except water. We have tried different brands of cornflour as well.

We're really trying, and getting so disappointed. What are we doing wrong?

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When you add the boiled sugar to the cornstarch you should do it slowly so as not to increase the temp of the cornstarch too much. That's all I can think of. So do it in a stream and in the beginning have two people do it. Use rubber gloves and an apron to protect yourselves from splashing liquid sugar on yourselves. That is the worst kind of burn you can get in the kitchen.

Try reading through this and see if you missed anything crucial.

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Thank you for answering. Unfortunately, this is already how we mix them together. We pour the cornflour into the sugar in a trickle, and vice versa. Thanks for the link. My partner has looked at this post already, but I should also have a read to make sure we haven't missed anything.

Thank you
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OK. Interesting. We were adding it in the beginning, but some online research suggested that it was only to prevent crystals forming in the sugar. We'll try that next time.

We thought last night to let the sugar cool off before mixing it with the cornflour. It seems the more prepared we are, the quicker we get, and the worse it turns out. Maybe the sugar is too hot. Our very first batch was the best so far. We were taking too long to get the cornflour ready, whilst the sugar sat there cooling.

Thanks everyone.
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