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I was thinking of turkey breast for thanksgiving but whole turkey is a better buy so figured i could buy whole turkey and quarter it myself. Question is since turkeys are frozen can they be cut up that way or thawed cutup and then parts be refroze in vacumm sealed bag?
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Do you mean thawed, then cut up, then refrozen. If so, I don't see why not.

of course, you could also debone it and make a turkey galantine. I did that one year, worked really well and cuts the cooking time way down.

Makes carving easier too.
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Yeah you have to thaw, cut, refreeze.  I've froze thaw refroze pork up to 3 times.  Never done it with poultry.  You may lose some texture.  How about you confit the legs? :D

If you want to cut it frozen, use a saw, but it's messy and poultry carries some salmonella risk and you have to clean thoroughly.  Not worth the hassle IMO. Same reason i don't do anything with chicken in my meat grinder
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The price for buying turkey parts has gotten crazy so i could do the work and have bunch of turkey parts for later meals. Now best time to pick up a turkey, cost is lowest. Im not scared of any contamination from my tools just refrezzing thawed meat. But im guessing bird doesn't have to be completely thawed.i have done this with a cooked bird but never thawed one.
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Buy a hunters meat saw and section it yourself. Easy to clean, entire saw can be scrubbed and dipped in a bleach solution to sterilize.
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If you thaw and refreeze you will definitely get some texture issues. Best bet: at this time of year it's was to hunt down never-frozen turkey. Cut that from whole, wrap properly, and freeze.

If you do defrost turkey bits and they look squodgy and nasty, unless they smell bad, make soup from them.

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Stop & shop had their turkey for .99 ibs so bought one think it was called nature's pride. Well it wasn't as easy to debone as a chicken but got it done. Legs, thighs, wings were no sweet but cutting through the back bone no easy feet. Got part way through then cut part of it off before removing the meat from turkey body. Makes you really feel sad doing this, poor turkey. Vacummed everything in foodsaver bags and put in the freezer. Good thing foodsaver makes expandable bags. Now thinking should have cut the rib cage would have be easyer then trying to separate back bone from turkey. Could not have left turkey whole because bought larger air fryer and will only hold 6 lb turkey only.
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Just watched a video on you tube, lot easier than my way. My god off sale it would have cost $33+, geez need to take out a loan to eat turkey. How do you restaurant guys stay in business, need big markup to turn profit.
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