Turkey roasting question

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I’m thinking of cooking my first turkey on my older model gas grill. The burners run across the width of the fire box, so it seems using indirect heat would be difficult; the deepest area without direct fire would be about 8”, either at the very front of the box or the very back of the box. Aside from buying a new grill sooner than later, do you have an idea for how I can pull this off? It’s an older Weber Genesis gas model.

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Hello again. Having read about your grill configuration in an earlier post, I don't think it's possible for you to do a whole turkey. Turkey breast would be your best bet. For that, I would leave the back burner lit and put the turkey breast(s) toward the front--the unlit--part of the grill. In my experience, heat is difficult to regulate on the Genesis. If it's not "off", it seems to be screaming hot. Agreed?
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