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Hi I'm preparing for my sons graduation and would like to have turkey sandwiches. I would like to roast the turkeys ahead of time,debone,freeze and reheat the day of graduation. Can I do this safely and how far inadvanced may I do this??
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I would add, make sure they are tightly wrapped or the meat can dry out.

Congratulations on your happy event! :bounce:

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Like Kuan said "no problem"

Just a couple points in regards to safety,be sure your turkey is well chilled before you freeze it to avoid raising the freezer temp to high and affecting other frozen items , i.e ice cream.

Also let the breast defrost for a couple days in your refrigerator in a pan, not over night at room temp.

If your going to re heat the bird for the party I would recommend "under"cooking it in the initial phase so it doesn't dry out during re heating.

Good luck and congrats
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