turkey prep

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Nice looking site, very well done. Turkey breast I'm air frying and i see everyone rub herb butter all over and under the skin. This doesn't seam right to me since butter will melt long before meat starts to cook and just run off. I melted the herb butter and injected directly into the meat thinking it would stay and spread its flavor not just run off. I did spray oil on the skin and sprinkled herbs over it so is my way worth time or other be just as good
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Meat does not “absorb” oil or butter. Fat is a carrier for flavor so it will absorb the flavors of whatever you season it with. Injecting meat seems a waste of time to me, I know people like doing it but again it’s not for moisture, it’s for flavor. When I want to inject flavor into a roast I stab into the center and make a hole with a knife and then I insert herbs, salt, and a sliver of garlic.
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