Turkey day hors d'oeuvres

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I usually make some hors d'oeuvres for thanksgiving, and although I have a "go to" couple of ideas, I figured if there ever was a crowd that had tons of experience in what are the knock-you-dead hors d'oeuvres, this is it.

Some of the things in the past that I've made include lobster salad in cucumber cups, hash brown birds-nests stuffed with "loaded baked potato fixings (sour cream, chives, bacon, chedder), and one of the most popular was just really good meat and cheese rolled. I posted about trying to come up with a spread to make those into little open faced sandwiches, but what have you all done that were huge hits?

I'd prefer something that can be made ahead and kept refrigerated, or has some staying power. I thought about something vege related, maybe something stacked, like thin sliced english cucumber, radish, cheese, with spinach cream cheese and an olive? Thanks for anyone that has suggestions, I've got a couple days left /img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gif
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I know it sounds simple but one of the most requested appetizers on turkey day, is my wife's deviled eggs, they get devoured.

You mentioned seafood, oyster shooter, or baked clams on the half shell with breaded topping, Shrimp ceviche.
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There is so much food on this day that I keep my Hors veeeeeeeeeery simple. Crostini with garlic and Parmesan, toasted, and served with champagne.
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Deviled eggs are always a treat. I think I've only made them maybe once, but I always eat them if they are around!

I understand the idea for simplicity, but to me part of the spread are the apps.. we are frying a turkey, there will be stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but otherwise I don't think we'll have a lot of side dishes. People come in and out for hours so grazing is a part of the experience.

I've settled on one idea, which is to create mini blt's using a butter grilled bread, either spinach/arugula/micro greens (I can never find these), tomato, pancetta, and most likely will top them with gorgonzola with a quick melt from my pencil torch

For a second one I want to create something that is all vege.. with perhaps some form of cream cheese spread. I was imagining something like a cucumber cup filled with the spread, then layered ultra thin radish, fennel, slice of red bell, topped with an olive... seems a little boring.. but I'm getting kind of a block on ideas for this one.
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This may not fit the bill exactly, but my favorite appetizer to make/eat is a crab canape. It might not have the staying power you're looking for though.

Another favorite for holidays is a spread of charcuterie and cheeses. No worries if it sits around for a while, and people will have a chance to try things they might not have had before. Only downside is that it could get expensive. But nothing gets me ready for some serious eating like a little serrano and manchego.
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