Turbochef and other appliances? any thoughts?

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I am a learning cook but fairly decent. We have small children and I cook a lot and never fast enough. I don't love a microwave for a variety of reasons but still use one. 

I am hoping for feedback on the following :

Turbochef- Has anyone had experience with the Turbochef (residential) double wall oven? Super pricey but have heard good things from one friend. Probably way off for me if not a pipe dream. Any suggestions for more budget friendly/high performance double wall oven?

Induction Cooktop-I read a thread about induction cook-tops and it's very persuasive. any particular brand? 

Refrigerator-I am thinking about a built in refrigerator and freezer. Maybe an "all refrigerator" and an "all freezer" put side by side to get max storage? I like to do farmers market and have a weekly veggie delivery and milk delivery. We currently have a back up refrigerator and small freezer and we use it all. Could do again also but need maximum storage. The new kitchen space is not large. Maybe 12 X 14 with lots of entrances. 

Anything that I should have on my "must" list?

We're moving into a more long term home and the kitchen needs a gut job but we will not be able to afford that for a couple of years. My plan is to work out the design of kitchen of the future so we can replace the appliances with things that will work in the new layout. We need it all but I would rather make do with what is there and upgrade things slowly with the best quality we can manage over an extended period.  

Thanks in advance for thinking about and responding to my many questions. I was a single New Yorker for many years so cooking was  a novel thing to do on occasion for friends. I am learning a ton everyday and so appreciate any feedback. 
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Chefsprout, welcome.  Your plan to make do for a while has merit.  For one thing,  you may discover that the appliances already in place may serve you well enough until you are able to do an entire kitchen re-do.  In my experience, doing things like this piecemeal is seldom satisfactory.  By the time the last project is finished,  the first looks shabby next to the new things.  So you find yourself always trying to improve this or that.  In the meantime,  you will we able to asses your actual needs for cooking space, storage, and the types and sizes of the appliances you need,  and also what you actually do not need.  You may find that many of the ideas you have now for the ideal kitchen won't actually suit your cooking and/or eating style after all.  During this time you may find that the kitchen functions perfectly will just as it is,  and all you really need is some cosmetic fixes. 

I know nothing about turbo ovens or induction cooktops.   
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