Tsukemono (Shiozuke in particular)

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    Hey all,

    I've got a craving for the generic Japanese cucumber pickles you typically see at restaurants in Japan (at least in the Tokyo/Yokohama area that I lived in during study abroad). I'm looking for a good recipe, and so far the closest I think I've found is this one:

    Shio-Zuke Kyuri (Salt Pickled Cucumber)

    -3 Japanese cucumbers, unpeeled and cut on a diagonal into rounds (look for these at Korean and Chinese food stores-they are smaller and thinner with a dark green glossy skin)
    -3 teaspoons salt

    Mix the salt one teaspoon at a time into the cucumbers. Pack into a jar or container and place a heavy weight on top to push the cucumbers down. Leave at least 10 hours for the salt to brine the cucumbers. Remove the weight and wash the cucumbers well to remove all the salt residue, pat dry and serve. The Shio-zuke Kyuri will last up to a week in the fridge.




    I'm going to give it a go and reply with my results. I would like to here others methods for making Japanese pickles if you've done it. Thanks!

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