TSR msg boards demise?

Joined Mar 12, 2001
Here is the answer I received when I inquired what happened to the boards:

Thanks for the mail. It is with sadness that we inform you that the
message boards are now permanently closed. A few days ago,
the boards crashed our server. Unfortunately, we were unable to
give any notice of this.

Over the years the message boards have become extremely
popular. We have tried
several solutions to maintain these busy forums without
jeopardizing the rest of the TSR web site to no avail.

While we appreciate your comments and input, we are resigned in
our decision not to provide this service any longer. We hope that
you have made some lasting friendships and have amassed some
terrific recipes.

Please continue to check into TSR each week for an original recipe
clone. To ensure that you don't miss any of our recipes, be sure to
subscribe to our weekly newsletter! For more information click

In the coming months we will be adding many new and exciting
features to the web site. We hope you will stay tuned to watch it

Best Regards

My guess is that there was way too much supervision and expenditure of money needed. They had requested donations a few months ago to keep the boards running.........
Joined Dec 15, 2001
:confused: It's really too bad when things like this happen. However, I think that we will survive......lol.

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