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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by culinary merc, Dec 13, 2005.

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    im finding it very hard to put my name out there so people from all over want to eat my food. most contests are donr before i get to enter them. i do really cool things with sugar.any help
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    My advice to you is to study what the people who've already accomplished what you're trying to do have done. If you want to get press, put together a press packet, get and agent, and actively pursue that goal. If you goal is to build a reputation that will preceed you, my advice is to get back to work, and make sure you're never settling for less that your best. I just got press today in the Rocky Mountain News (first time in a Denver daily newspaper). I've been a cook in Colorado for 24 years. You must build a reputation that's worth noticing, and that takes time.

    BTW- The "celebrity chef" thing is a friggin pipe dream, if that's what you think reality is, turn off FoodTV!!
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    Print, radio and television are all looking for filler/info. I'm moving into a new space so I'm holding an open house for friends/clients/media/other caterers.

    I'll send out press releases to print media....have a photo ready and info on my business ***INCLUDING contact info***
    Check out professional groups in your area, which ones fit your niche.....I belong to a mycological society, prof culinary society, event planners and have considered several other groups but on the whole they don't provide the contacts or bang for my dues buck. Whichever group you join be an active member.....volunteer to hold a program at your space, have info about what you do in a brochure, have a website.....the first two are cheap the third you can get with bartering/trade.
    Have pictures of your work in a binder. Have costs already figured out on what you've done......just real basic shtuff.

    Teach classes with schools that will send out PR, then promote the classes by calling a television station and offer to demo at the studio....come up with some upbeat info and some cool stuff you can make in 1 minute-3 minutes....
    even if it's almost all made and you make a flourish.

    Look at your festivals in town and offer to demo on stage. Be self contained...have plenty of contact info.....

    The guys on television are just like you in that they put their pants on one leg at a time....but they've learned the system, come up with contacts then marketed themselves....generally they've all paid their dues. I've worked with Sarah Moulton, Sandra Lee, Anthony Bourdain, Father Dom, Judy Rodgers (Zuni Cafe), Danny Meyer.....each was focused on what they were doing. Each made sure prior to showing up they had the "lay of the land", most had staff that looked out for them and asked the questions necessary for them to be comfortable on stage or at whichever event they were participating. Organized. Experienced enough to flow if something didn't work a plane didn't make it so I covered for a chef on television, but he knew what dishes out of his book he wanted showcased. Knowing how to present your food for television.

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    try and get in contests or work with a PR agency they can get your recipes in magazines

    adveertise your name with ads and wine dinners or promotions

    charity work helps

    do a recipe of the month on your restaurant web site as well as questions for the chef

    cooking classes

    the more exposure and traffic you get , and if your skills are there
    recognition will follow

    best of luck
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    ALL Chef wants what you want!

    It's normal, but the fact is your work should speak for it self. If you kick *** with sugar, keep at it. Create a portefolio of all your work and send it to places where you want to work. You also need to look for employer that will recognize your skills or you will go all your career un-notice.

    Yes, head hunters for culinary top chefs are a good place to sell your talents.

    You could also start your own web page with all your work. Find the best sugar art pastry chef in the country and write a letter to that person stating your need to find the right outlet for your talent. Most likely, they had to go trough the same problem when this amazing chef started.

    I hope that this helps you,

    stay in touch,

    Chef Martin
    Author of "My Daughter wants to Be a Chef!