Trying to identify something I ate at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo

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I was near the azabu juban area of Tokyo, and I had an Omakase menu at the counter. One of the middle courses was a very lightly tempura fried object, it was about 3-4 inches long, oval-ish shaped, oblong and cut into 3 pieces each a little smaller than a golf ball, the Itamae pulled whatever it was out of the case with the fish and then battered and fried it. It was white, soft, had the creamy consistency of lightly fried sweetbreads and I have no idea what it was. I would have said it was maybe some kind of fish Ofal? but I really don't know. Any help trying to hunt this down would be much appreciated, it was absolutely delicious.

My Japanese is terrible and I couldn't explain clearly enough that I wanted to know where it came from and what it was.

Many thanks

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