Trying to head to France

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After filling out countless culinary school applications, I have decided to do my training in France, preferably the southern region. Any ideas of how to get started? I have 5 yrs experience, 3 in fine dining. I am 23 years old and dont wanna be buried in debt until im 123 years old.
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You are doing what I did in the 60s. I went there started in the North and worked way South. I walked into various restaurant and hotel kitchens and spoke to sous or chef asking if I could work for room and board. I wound up at the famous Negresco Hotel in Nice(down street from Monaco) started in pastry shop which in years past thats where you started. Wound up as Gard'e Manger. It was a  fantastic experience.
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Since you have 5 years of cooking experience, don't you have contacts that have done this personally or know people that have? Even knowing little about you and where you worked, I find that shocking.

Also, who said you have to go into debt forever to go to school? 

Where do you live? There's probably a community college in your area. 
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