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As we all know by now that an individual that intends to attend the CIA they need six months of food handling experience. I did get well over six months in the USMC. For instance, Mess duty/Kp and I need to get documentation of that from my recruiter, but if that does not work I need to find an alternative mean of work experience. I am wondering if it is possible to volunteer at a fine dining restaurant. I do not mind working for free, and am totally willing to put all my effort to learn from someone willing to teach me. What would be the best way to find a place that is willing to do this. I read in Michael Ruhlmans book that he gained experience by working for free. Anybody willing to pass on some info on the best way to go about this would be much appreciated. 


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call local caterers and explain what you are doing, if anyone is going to take advantage of free work it's a caterer. in this day and age working in a kitchen is considered too dangerous by insurance companies to let non-employees in.
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First, it seems that you are out of the USMC already, correct? If so, when did you apply to CIA and when are you intending to start?

Secondly, working for free is something many people do. In fact, a successful chef I know of that's opening a butcher shop in Chicago staged at a well-respected butcher shop in Brooklyn for a few days just to pick up some tips and to stay sharp. He did it for free. 

Here's an article I wrote on someone that I helped out before in finding work before culinary school. Good luck.
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