Try to make white bread in a toastermaker

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    I need some help please!!!!!!

    I have a toastermaster bread box plus bread maker. Today I tried to make some white bread. I follow the direction, and it came out heavy and just plain not good. I dont know what i did wrong.

    Here is what I use:

    water - 1 1/2 cups

    oil - 2 TBL

    sugar - 1/2 cup

    salt - 2 tsp

    dry milk - 2 TBL

    bread flour - 4 cups

    active dry yeast - 2 1/ tsp

    I set the course to #1 -load size 2lb, crust color - medium, and press start.

    Maybe I should just do it the old fashion way -  by hand.

    Everyone says it is a good bread maker, I guess I just need to learn how to use it. I just would like to know what I did wrong, if anyone could help me I would appreciate it.