Truffles and HOGS /////WHY

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Does anyone know???  Years ago in Italy and Germany trained hogs were used to find truffles and then dig them up. Does any one know what possessed the hogs and why they sought out the truffles???            Today they use dogs that are rewarded when they find them, because the hogs are more valuable as food.      BDL You should get this one!!!!!
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Hogs have an acute sense of smell, and can be trained to find them.

(at least that's the textbook answer)
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Yes pigs have a very good sense of smell the reason they started using dogs is because the pigs were smart enough to realize that the truffles actually tasted good and they had the very bad habit of eating the truffles themselves  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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The old school of thought was to use both hogs and pigs. The hogs to sniff out the truffles and the dogs were trained to keep the hogs from eating them.
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No one answered WHY they go for it? 

Reason is The musky odor from truffles contains Androstenone a steroid that is also in male underarm sweat and in the saliva of boars, which prompts a mating response from sows or female pigs. White truffles are more  pungent then black. So guys look out when eating truffles !!!

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