Truffle Oil!

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I just bought my first tiny bottle of truffle oil. Is it an acquired taste? i haven't tried it on anything but it smells kinda funky. What is it best to use in an how much would i normally put. I'm guessing just a couple of drops in to stuff because it is so strong.

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Greetings Ron

Truffles is a taste best acquired discovered IN a dish such as a mushroom risotto or an omelette. It will be a new flavour, captivating, slightly musky, definitely rich, and you'll wonder what it is. If your first taste of it is whiffing it it straight from the bottle, then yes, it can be a bit too strange to appreciate immediately.

Whatever you decide to cook with it, make sure you add it at the last moment to preserve its full aroma and flavour. Some oils are stronger than others, so it's difficult to say how much to use. For your first attempt, try something simple that will really bring out the flavour, such as truffled mash potatoes or a simple omelette.

And if you find that this is not a taste you'll ever be able to acquire, then send the bottle my way!
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I agree on the small amounts and definately towards the end! A nice combination, if you like seafood, is sauteed mixed mushrooms, (oyster, chantrell, portabello) plum tomato, fresh garlic, & parsley, cracked pepper, and tt. on the salt. And of course a couple drops or two of your fine truffle oil you've acquired! enjoy,:p
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thanks for the replies. I was thinking of making mash potatoes...before i started this thread. I won't get to do any experimentation for another week cause i'm going to disney world for a week! so...any more people with ideas, bring them my way.

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I would recommend adding it after in a light drizzle just for some undertones.

Poricini and Morel Omlette with Truffle Oil? Works for Me !
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IMHO Truffle oil is best used with restraint,it should offer a wisp of aroma and a tease on the palete.
I always add truffle oil at the very end of preparation as the heat sets off the aroma.

To cook with the oil is a waste of it's major function of adding that mysterious note to food.

I always believe that mixing ingredients that in anyway will over power the oil is a problem. Is your oil white or black? I prefere white myself but that's just my taste.
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Me too....white truffle oil....good to add to honey<truffle honey>

Funky earthy smell....It's in my Feb 11 aphrodisiac class....salad greens with champagne viniagrette a crouton with softly melted morbier and a drizzle of truffle honey.
Truffle honey is an amazing thing.

I'm pretty conservative with my shrooms....I prefer less medley more focus on the flavors of one...I add buttons for texture and dried for flavor when Fresh wild are not available. So Truffle oil and wild shrooms don't usually thrill seems to detract from the distinct flavors.
Truffle custard ala Keller is amazing....the eggs and cream are great flavor carriers...I find that with cream in general.
I have a shiitake farmer friend that is importing French truffles $33oz. and Burgundy $14 an oz this week....I've not jumped at them.
Can you imagine an arincini with truffle risotto....wonder how that would pan out....sauce? sounds trully delicious.
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Have you had a chance to try it yet? If so, how? What do you think?
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I currently have a truffled mash on our menu here. We boil russets whole(seasoned water with salt and butter). Pass them through a food mill, add melted butter and a touch of cream, s&p.
as for the truffles, we do use the white truffle oil, but we also use canned truffle bits (from European Imp) which (some of us) rinse out the canned truffle essence water. Air dry the bits then add a bottle of truffle oil to cover. Rinsing and drying, first washes out the canned water taste, second drying allows the bits to absorb the oil essence. Note that canned truffles really do not have much flavor, they do add a little texture to your mash though.
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A fancy suggestion?

A few drops of truffle oil when making your homemade vanilla gelato;)

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As a diner, not a chef. I MUCH prefer having one type of mushroom than the more typical mish-mash of several types. Wild mushrooms are distinctive by variety, mixing them together hurts their uniqueness and destroys the flavor and aroma of the lighter srooms.

I am not anti-chef, BUT the melange of wild mushrooms seems to me that the chef is using the easy way out (and adding to the dishes yuppiness and price) rathet thanpicking which mushroom which best accomanies the dish.
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Hi Ron,
Couple of my favourites with truffle oil.
1) Toss homemade tagliatelle pasta with butter and truffle oil
2) White asparagus delicately sauteed in butter drizzled with truffle oil and thin parmesan shavings
mmmm so good !!!
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Last night's dinner: cheese tortellini with peas in a mushroom sauce (including porcini and a hint of cream -- but mostly the soaking water from the dried mush), finished with a drizzle of black truffle oil. This oil (from Oliviers) is not much on its own, but was quite complementary with the porcini.

When I worked at Dufour Pastry Kitchens, I was the only one who was willing to mix the truffle oil into the "Mushroom Truffle Risotto" hors d'oeuvre filling. My staff all said "YUCK." I wonder if they've gotten used to the smell since I left? That item is a big seller. :D (BTW: thanks for the plug, Tigerwoman -- it really is one of their best products :lips: )
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