Tru in Chicago

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We'll be dining at Tru in January. I'd appreciate some reflections from CTers on experiences they've had. All the reviews are raves, but then I don't know any of those people! I've visited their website ( ), and it looks really interesting.
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I'll be very interested on your review of Tru.

Foie gras with truffled lentils and pineapple as an example.

Diver scallops and dayboat lobsters should be incredible this time of year.

The potato crusted salmon with artichoke salad and Port buerre rouge sounds a bit over the top (tell me what wine you choose)

Flounder with smoked goose and sauerkraut? have your work cut out for you.

I just want to know how some of these combos work.
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Hi Mezzaluna,

I was just searching the archives and read your post asking about TRU. I'm curious what your impressions were.

The wife and I certainly aren't loaded with money, but I do enjoy going out for a nice meal now and then. So when we do get out (without the kids) I do like to make the most of the situation and go somewhere nice. We were talking about going back to Le Francais.

I'd be interested in hearing how your meal was...


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