Tru: A Report II


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Mezzaluna pretty much nailed down the detail of our experience at Tru and I would like to simply share some thoughts on the whole experience.

First two things that come to mind, that this was probably one of the best meals I have ever had, and second it was probably the most expensive (I thought dinner at Charlie Trotter's could never be beat price wise).

The amazing thing about this restaurant is that in all honesty it was the most perfect dining experience I have ever had. Both the food and the service were absolutely perfect. I mean usually there is one thing that happens whether it is big or small such as the waiter drips some wine, or something silly like that but not here, nothing, nada. The servers moved in pairs as the plates were set down and removed. Hildon water was served in custom Tru bottles, every plate was different, the list is endless.

What really got me about the food was how perfect it was. I mean we are talking amazing execution and team work (I envy the people who are working in the back). The presentations not only made sense, the food was hot, and the textures where really amazing as well as the flavor combinations. Nothing was over the top.

I think we all have experiences in life were afterwards we just say "wow" that was amazing, I didn't know something like that could be done. That is exactly how I felt at Tru, everything down to the last was perfect. I would encourage any chef or food lover to visit Tru.

In case you are wondering how detailed everything was, they even warm up your car towards the end of the meal so that on a cold Chicago night you are warm.
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Nicko, you added the perfect ending. Honestly, I didn't notice that the car was warm, only that my tummy was FULL and my head packed with wonderful memories.
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