Trouble with Grilled Eggplant ! Help !

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by maurac, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Hey everyone !

    I love grilled eggplant that I get at my local deli. I try grilling it myself, it never comes out good. I even tried salting it to get the bitterness out beforehand that hasn't worked. I have asked the chef at the deli what he does to make the grilled eggplant taste so good. He just says he brushes it with olive oil and throws it on the grill. He said it's so easy. I have been doing exactly what he told me but my grilled eggplant doesn't come out good. Is it the grill I am using. I use a baby weber portable propane gas grill. Do I need a bigger grill to get the eggplant to taste good. Please help. I have been struggling with this for months !! Thanks !!
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    Whenever I do my grilled eggplant I slice it then straight away add a lot of blended vegetable and olive oil (olive oil burns too easily by itself) season with Salt, cracked Pepper and Oregano. Don't let the eggplant leach too much before putting it on the grill because it makes the grill flame up, if it starts flaming up try to move it around. It may be the carbon from the flame making it taste bad. Also don't be afraid to have control over the heat, its good to start really hot but may be a good idea to turn the heat down a little after you flip the slices.

    I find they taste so much better the day after, the eggplant is given time to rest and will leach some liquid, just drain it and eat :D