Trial in a 5-Star Hotel

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I'm going for a trial in a 5-Star hotel for the position of Commis Chef. I feel I might be under qualified for the job. I have a couple of years cheffing experience but not at that standard. Would anyone have any tips for the trial, I have looked at the menus and read the website of the Hotel.
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Hi and welcome to CT. :)

Here are some tips. They are not all inclusive as Im sure there's going to be some good advice others in this forum will offer. But, start with these.

- Show up on time. By "on time", I mean 10 - 15 minutes early.
- Wear proper clothing. Nothing loose. Nothing that dangles. No rings on your fingers. No watches. No bracelets. No dangling earrings. Wear comfortable, no slip shoes. Try and find out what the kitchen staff wears and go with that.
- Turn off that cell phone. In fact, lock it in the glove box of your car.
- Make sure you hair, hands and nails are neat. If you have long hair, wear it up, off your collar and out of your face. Make sure your nails are clean and well trimmed.
- If you are a man and have facial hair, I would recommend shaving it. You can always grow it back after you get hired. If not, make sure your beard is neat and trim. If you're doing the Grizzly Adams thing, that may work against you.
- Bring a pencil and something to write on. Write everything down.
- Memorize the menu and familiarize yourself with the ingredients in the dishes.
- Asking questions is always a good thing, but, listening is how you learn. Don't be a chatty Kathy.
- Be prepared to answer questions about your work experience. Don't BS because that BS will be figured out within 5 minutes of your first shift or trial period.
- Don't be surprised if they ask you to work a dinner service to see what you can do.
- If you make a mistake do not try to justify it by saying something like "that's how I was taught" or something similar. Just keep your mouth shut, take note of how they want it done and adjust.
- If they do try you out during a shift and for some reason its slow, clean something. Don't stand there doing nothing. Always be doing something. If you are not assisting other chefs, prepping ingredients or otherwise engaged, clean something.....anything and make sure they see you do it.
- Make sure your knife skills are up to par. Know your cuts and how to do execute them.

This is all that I can think of right now. Good luck. :)
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They have a lot of menus, should I study all of them?
Knowing all of the menus would certainly show initiative, drive, and a desire to succeed. Which would create a more favorable first impression upon you if you were the hiring manager? A candidate who knew the menus backwards and forwards and so exhibited the previously mentioned qualities or a guy who had not taken the time to get familiar with the menus. You only have one time to create a first impression.
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I also encourage you to look at all the social media for the place you'll be working.
Look at their website, their reviews, their FB page just to see what is out there.
Good luck on your new job!
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Believe it or not i started to read recipes books. Trials show that you have guts and of your willingness to learn and do what it takes drives you go for it! That good attitude and can do it-ness will take you very far in the industry. Bet on yourself and your ability and learn from everyone around you and make it your own!

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