Tres Leches Cake!?

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Recently I tried to make a tres leches cake, this would be my second time trying to make one. However I keep running into the same problem. After the cake is done baking I turn it over and a rubbery film is at the bottom of the pan while some batter actually turned into cake but it only rose about 1/4th of an inch. The recipe I used is Ree Drummond's Food Network Recipe. I followed it as written and it didn't turn out. What am i doing wrong?
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The recipe requires you to whip egg whites and fold them into the egg yolk flour mixture.
This is a crucial part of the technique.
The recipe called for "soft peaks" as opposed to stiff.
The part of folding the whites into the mixture is very important, because if not all the batter is incorporated into the whites, that which remains, sinks to the bottom of the pan and creates that rubbery bottom layer
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