travelling with pies?

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I'm making a couple of pies for Thanksgiving, and driving 8 hours with them. Two are fruit pies with top crusts and one's a cream pie. I don't have an adequate cooler to put them in. Would a plain-ol' box with some dry ice be okay if I put them in the trunk ( it should be pretty cold back there)?

Anyone travelled long distances to show off they're newly-found baking talent?
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I'd imagine they'd be fine. If you refrigerate them first, then I woudn't set them directly on top of the dry ice, put a towel or several layers of newspaper, or cardboard in between. No point in freezing them and loosing any more quality in texture or consistency.

Maybe it's just me but if you're in the northern part of the states, with temperatures being fairly cool, 8 hours isn't that long. You're not talking about driving from Florida to California in August so you should be just fine.
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