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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for any advice or insight into other peoples experiences with travel, working as a chef.
    I'm a 20yo chef, qualified as of next week. I have worked at one place for my entire apprenticeship and am planning on traveling as soon as I can, to gain work & life experiences.
    I would love to travel anywhere and everywhere, around Australia and internationally  (I live in Australia) but I'm not sure where or how to start, & the best ways to go about employment.
    I'm not really sure if there's a question in there but any feedback would be great!
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    Have a plan of some kind. Send the word to friends, family members, friends of family members. family members of friends, etc. Many people have friends and acquaintances in other countries. Pick out a few cities or countries so you can be more specific in your search. Make sure your passport, vaccines, etc are up to date. Check the internet for ideas on traveling light so you don't bog yourself down with unnecessary stuff.  Check out websites where people exchange info about cheap accommodations like room shares, apt or house sitting, etc. 

    Pick major cities located near other places you would like to visit so you can have a job and visit other places on your days off. Check into teaching english as a second language programs. even if you don't want to teach english, you can make good contacts with those who do and be more familiar with enclaves of expatriates who can help guide you.

    When you actually travel, make some effort to understand and communicate in the native language. Remember that courtesy, kindness, respect and patience are global and will be your best asset while on your journey.  You are a visiting guest, the locals are not. You are the odd one out. Don't forget to say a sincere thank you to those who help you along the way. Take only pictures, memories and lessons learned; the rest is just eventual junk. 
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