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Some of you may remember me posting a thread about being trapped in a toxic management position that I felt I was unable to get out of.  In the end, I think what I was looking for was the "right time" or hoping the opportunity would present itself but I realized it was myself who had to put things in motion. One afternoon, while reflecting on the situation I decided to draft my resume and put some feelers out there.  I ended up getting a call back to stage for a lead line cook position in a very upscale, uniquely innovative restaurant here in Hollywood and what do you know, I got offered the job.  Being that I've been a management figure at my current job for a number of years, I asked for 24 hours to marinate on it and I literally used every minute of that 24 hours to arrive at a conclusion.  Today, I'm using my day off to come in and give my 2 weeks.  Part of me wishes I could give more but I don't think much good would come from that and it could even be detrimental to my new job if my current boss tries giving me too many hours.

It's scary leaving a comfort zone I've been in for 5+ years where I've learned so much but I'm also at the point where I'm unhappy on a day-to-day basis and am not giving the establishment the quality of work it deserves.  The term "simmering with resentment" has been repeating in my head for weeks now.  While I fear what will happen in my absence, the show can and will go on without me.  Thanks to those who gave me perspective on this situation and I can't wait to share some of the cool new food I will be working with in the future.
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Congratulations on the new position. Don't look back. Your next job will certainly bring it's own set of unique challenges. All jobs seem to but we live and learn. No matter what promises the owner may make when you give notice, keep looking ahead. After five plus years, it's time to go. Congratulations on finally making the move. 
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Congrats!  Hopefully it will be a positive change for you.  Sometimes you just have to get out of a bad situation.

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