Transporting Cupcakes

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I have to transport 100 cupcakes everyday from my kitchen to a store. What is the best way to do it. Please advise
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What's worked for me is to put the frosted cupcakes on a very large plate and cover in plastic wrap. Push the plastic wrap in between the cupcakes though, and when the car moves around a bit they won't smudge against each other.

As for placement,

I like to put them on the floor in the backseat. The confined space doesn't allow them to move much.

And of course, be sure to drive carefully to keep them as perfect as possible!
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The absolute easiest and safest way is to purchase an inexpensive cupcake transporter. These convenient little cases look just like a cake transporter but with a muffin pan inside to separate and hold each cupcake securely.  I have seen them for 12, 24 and 36 cupcakes. And I have seen them everywhere from Walmart/Target to HomeGoods and local kitchen supply stores. And they are very affordable if you plan to use one more than just occasionally.
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