train overseas or train locally.

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    Howdy everyone. My question for the forum is whether or not training overseas gives you better chances of employability? I'm not a student im qualified but am thinking of taking classes to learn new skills and polish up some of my skills. I have been looking at south korea to work and i have a passion for korean and asian food. ( no i don't like kpop) i have friends from there and speak the language well enough. But is it worth the money? Is it better to stay in australia and train here, its cheaper but will it necessarly make me more employable for the future, especially working in other countries? any comments welcome.....thanks.
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    The real question is "what do you want to do?" 

    If you are devoting yourself to learning Korean food, then Korea is where you should go.

    If you are devoting yourself to being a better cook, then pick a high end restaurant in Sydney or another city with four star cuisine, high level cuisine and work there. As you will find on various threads here, working in a kitchen means the same thing everywhere. Good habits for punctuality, cleanliness, food preparation, pleasant attitude all need to be developed no matter where you are. Travel is great but there are good and bad restaurants everywhere.