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Hello, I stumbled across this forum doing an Internet search for several topics. I'm a home cook and I have a love for traditional food preparation. I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge. Long story short, I was selling some not so traditional, but delicious, cookies to a local market and during a conversation I was explaining to the owner my hobbie/passion for fermented/cultured foods and beverages, healing tonics, etc., and now only a short time later the market is selling them all. I also have a partner now and this week we have a second market starting to sell our products as well. For so many obvious reasons we need to get into a commercial space but since many of our products are not as simple as baking a cookie, its ridiculously overwhelming. Did you know there is a committee for selling tomato products?!? I think our various products are even confusing to the regulators LOL Anyway, any tips or advice, besides just give up, would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for a place to rent/share in SE Florida so if anyone can offer info on that too, it would be appreciated. I'm sure everyone remembers how it felt in the beginning, so be gentle please and thank you!
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Welcome to Cheftalk, we are happy you are here. There are plenty of members in the forums that can offer feedback, encouragement, advice and perhaps be a good resource for you.  There are several articles on our site as well as recipes and other resources. Not sure what city you are in but perhaps this site can help you find a commercial kitchen to rent.  Good luck!
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