Tourne - Your Knife of Choice?



First off, I know its not really the most important aspect of cooking, but I want to master it because I'm weird like that...

Just wondering what everyone uses... I have gone through 3 paring knives so far... the cheap nylon handled Messermeister paring and bird's beak have both let me down by their lack of sharpness and bad ergonomics, so I picked up a Shun 3.5" paring and the ergonomics are weird, but it is the best so far. I have been entertaining the idea of trying some others out. Any recommendations?

Here are some that I've been looking at:
the Misono Moly bird's beak

Hayashi Dojo 80mm paring

MAC bird's beak

Things Cooks Love bird's beak

Forschner's Rosewood bird's beak

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