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hi! my name is Kate, I am currently studying Food and Hospitality for my SACE Stage 2. I have been given an essay topic and need some relevent info, if you could PLEASE help me with this it would be appreciated, The topic I have to analyse is;
"A chef must have enthusiasm and a capacity for hard work, rather than food preparation and presentation skills of a high standard."

Thanks heaps, Kate!
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Hello Kate, and welcome to Chef Talk.

Your question has been asked and answered in earlier forums. I suggest you explore our archives and search older posts (select "one year ago" or something like that to see older posts) to find the answer. You may well stumble across broader information than you expected to find through your question.


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If you all copy your answers from the information available on Chef Talk, your teacher will start wondering if you're all copying each other.... ;)
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Yes we are aware that we just can not just copy your answers. We are just looking for information before we put it in our own essays. But from the information that we are getting from this website we would only be using quotes and your opinions. As this is like interviewing people which we are doing for this assignment anyway. Thanks for your help anyway.
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