Tostones Rellenos - How To Hold For Service

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I'm putting Tostones Rellenos ( filled fried green plantains) on my menu and I've only ever done them in small amounts! Can I par cook them and hold them for service or do you recommend cooking them a la minute? I anticipate them being a big seller so I'm trying to find ways of expediting the process! Thanks
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Cook them to order. 

Frying something so starchy as plaintains requires them to go in the fryer and out onto the table. 

Especially because when you fry something and hold it off, the food tends to get soggy in my opinion and loses its crispiness. 

NO i wouldnt have them par cooked. 

It is plaintains and it shouldnt take longer then cooking chicken or fish IMO. 

Yes fry and serve them a la minute. It would be better. 

What are they gonna be stuffed with??

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