Tossing pizza dough

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One thing we didn't learn in our baking and pastry class while we made pizza was how to "show off" (as I call it) and flip the pizza dough in the air as we have all seen in movies and the recent Olive Garden commercials. Since I'm at home and can make all the mess I please, can any of you offer advice on how to toss the dough in the air and catch it?
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start small and thick. the competition throwers use a a thick dough to decrease tears for the arm roll stuff. Otherwise the only use for it was to stretch dough that was too big for the table. use flat hands and watch your fingertips they tear dough fast. have fun.


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Cup your hands on the dough with your fingertips about a 1/2 inch from the edge.  Press down with your fingertips and rotate the dough until you form a nice circle with a distinct edge and a raised center.  Dock the middle down with your fingertips a bit but remember to keep the center thicker.

Pick it up and start slapping it side to side with your hands.  A few times, not too many.  5-6 times?

On the final slap let it come to rest on the palm of your hand facing up.  Now toss it in the air and rotate your wrist inward at the same time.  If you are using your right hand that's counterclockwise.   Let it come down on your knuckles and forearms.  Practice this with a towel first.  It's not that hard.

Edit: and use a lot of flour on your work surface while shaping the dough.  A LOT.
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